NFL playoff clinching scenarios for Steelers, Bills, Packers, Chiefs, Saints in Week 14

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Five NFL teams can secure a playoff spot and/or division title in Week 14 of the 2020 NFL season.

The Chiefs and Saints already clinched playoff berths thanks to Week 13 results, but they can claim their respective division titles with additional outcomes in Week 14. The Steelers can also lay claim to the AFC North title or simply a playoff berth with a win and some help in Week 14. Elsewhere, both the Bills and Packers can lock up spots in the expanded 2020 postseason depending on how things play out in Week 14.

Below are all the NFL playoff clinching scenarios for the three teams that have chances to stamp their postseason status in Week 14, followed by a complete playoff picture.

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NFL playoff clinching scenarios for Week 14

Buffalo Bills (9-3)

(vs. Steelers)

Buffalo clinches playoff berth with:

    Bills win AND Ravens loss AND Dolphins loss AND Raiders loss AND Patriots loss or tie

Kansas City Chiefs (11-1)

(at Dolphins)

Chiefs clinch AFC West division title with:

    Chiefs win or tie ORRaiders loss or tie

Pittsburgh Steelers (11-1)

(at Bills)

Steelers clinch AFC North division title with:

    Steelers win AND Browns loss

Steelers clinch playoff berth with:

    Steelers win or tie ORRaiders loss or tie ORDolphins loss or tie ORTitans loss

Green Bay Packers (9-3)

(at Lions)

Packers clinch NFC North division title with:

    Packers win AND Vikings loss or tie ORPackers tie AND Vikings loss

Packers clinch playoff berth with:

    Packers win AND Cardinals loss or tie ORPackers win AND Rams loss or tie ORPackers win AND Seahawks win or tie ORPackers tie AND Cardinals loss ORPackers tie AND Rams loss AND Cardinals tie ORPackers tie AND Seahawks win or tie AND Cardinals tie

New Orleans Saints (10-2)

(at Eagles)

Saints clinch NFC South division title with:

    Saints win ORBuccaneers loss ORSaints tie AND Buccaneers tie

NFL playoff picture 2021

    AFCSeedTeamRecordClinched1.Kansas City Chiefs11-1Playoff berth2.Pittsburgh Steelers11-1N/a3.Buffalo Bills9-3N/a4.Tennessee Titans8-4N/a5.Cleveland Browns9-3N/a6.Miami Dolphins8

    -4N/a7.Indianapolis Colts8-4N/a

    In the hunt: Raiders (7-5), Ravens (7-5), Patriots (6-6)

      NFCSeedTeamRecordClinched1.New Orleans Saints10-2Playoff berth2.Green Bay Packers9-3N/a3.Los Angeles Rams8-4N/a4.New York Giants5-7N/a5.Seattle Seahawks8-4N/a6.Tampa Bay Buccaneers7-5N/a7.Minnesota Vikings6-6N/a

      In the hunt: Cardinals (6-6), Bears (5-7), 49ers (5-7), Washington (5-7), Lions (5-7)